Staff Project

We have a 50″ display board which sits at the entry to the IT department at work.  Usually it scrolls through what meetings are on and some old outdated material so I thought I would do a project where I photograph all the IT employees.  As a condition I’ve set on myself for the project, I need to get a little bit of personality out of the subject and into the photograph.  That’s a pretty difficult task for a department of IT people… not the most exciting people usually but once you ask a few questions about interests, they start to loosen up.  It’s amazing what can happen after that.

The project has only just begun and I have around 50 people to get through so it will be a work in progress.  Make sure you “Like” my Matt Hickey Photography page on Facebook or sign up to my Twitter Feed (@TweetMattHickey) to get updates from the project and other photography related material.