If you are interested in finding out any more information, or would like to be apart of any of these projects, please get in contact with me via the Contact Us link.

Fashions from 1900 to 2000

  The purchase of a book, Australia Through Time has given me the inspiration to create a series of fashion images through the decades of 1900-2000.  A friend with a wealth of sixties clothing and accessories has helped me kick the project off which is proven to be challenging to investigate, source, create and capture a compelling image from the era.

Toowoomba Look Book

  It doesn’t matter which town or city you live in, there are always interesting characters.  Capturing people in their every day existence is the inspiration behind this project.  I plan to shoot for a couple of years to gather people through Toowoomba’s seasons and create an intriguing collection of people and their fashion.  A random location, portable backdrop, couple of soft boxes and a medium format film camera will be the only gear I take with me.

MacDonald Bicycle Collection

  James is a fascinating person with a passion for bikes.  His house is packed full of everything to do with human powered transport.  Not only is the physical collection of bikes something to behold, but the knowledge and stories behind these machines is what has drawn me to this project.  I will be working with James to catalogue his collection and document the stories which go along with them to produce a fascinating book on the history of the MacDonald Bicycle Collection.

The Social Medium

  Today’s society is very public.  Everything is Tweeted, Facebooked, Googled or Pinned on a webpage, sitting on a hard disk drive somewhere in the world for people to access.  I want to explore the use of social media to collect models, make-up artist, stylists, photographers and digital techno’s to create a collection of digital imagery.

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